Book Review – What Color Is Your Parachute? For Retirement

If your vision for the next chapter in your life seems like a jumbled puzzle, John Nelson and Richard Bolles’s book helps to put the pieces together using a simple process. It’s too bad they have to use the “R” word in the title. The book could be used by anybody at anytime in their lives to figure out “What do I want next”?

By breaking down the decision into the who, what, where, why, and how (almost literally), Nelson (the primary author) uses Bolles’ time-tested Parachute process to distill your dreams, wishes, likes, skills, and resources into a one-page picture. With their help, you are the artist.

In between the worksheets, Nelson gives some life advice in several areas. I particularly liked the section on “Uses for a Home.” In it, he divides our dwelling place into functions such as “Job,” “Project,” “Retreat,” “Base of Operations,” and “Gathering Place.”

To order the book through south Tampa’s independent bookstore, Inkwood Books, for $16.95, click here:;jsessionid=bac2GmbhX28Ufhrfl60qs.

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Ordering your Credit Report

You are eligible to request a free credit report once per year from one of the three credit agencies: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Approximately once every four months I will send out a reminder for you to obtain your free credit report. Below you will find instructions for Experian.

Note: all of those cute ads you see on the television are for an unnecessary service (for most people at least). The link below is where the truly free credit reports can be obtained. Here are the steps necessary:

1. go to
2. select your state and click “request report”
3. fill in your personal information, security characters from picture, and click “continue”
4. select Experian and click “next”
5. click “next” again
6. enter last four digits of your social security number and click “submit”
7. choose extras if you want to pay, I never do, click “annual credit report” at the bottom in gray.
8. check “I have read and agree to Experian’s Terms & Conditions, etc” if you accept them, click “Submit”
9. answer the “identity verification” questions and click continue.
10. click “print report” in upper right section of page.
11. print report

If you find there is something amiss, contact that agency immediately. You can contact Experian at 866-397-3742.  

If you are married, make sure your spouse obtains his/her report. Feel free to pass this reminder onto others.

If this message has been forwarded to you and you want to be added to our e-News list, please send me an e-mail request.
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