Books by Holly – Even those who are “good with money” can have trouble making money decisions.

With The Mindful Money Mentality, you will:

  • Learn how to understand when you have “enough” to be happy
  • Integrate your resources with your values in spending, sharing, and investing choices
  • Share money in a beneficial way to both you and the recipient
  • Discover whether you have what it takes to make investing decisions on your own
  • Know how to hire professionals who have your best interests in mind and are the best fit for you

You will come away with:

    • A deeper understanding of your relationship with money
    • A lifestyle spending plan based on what’s most important to you
    • A comprehensive guide to hire and oversee professionals
    • An overview of common errors in judgment (“behavioral biases”) made by professionals and non-professionals alike, and what to do about them

Holly’s book should be required reading for anyone embarking on developing a “wealth planning roadmap”, whether with or without professional guidance, as well as those revisiting their current wealth management strategies. Despite having worked in the financial services and wealth management industry for nearly four decades, I found myself reflecting on decisions I’ve made and evaluating decisions I likely need to make. Well written and easily understandable, the material allows readers to step back and mull over many important concepts. A must read.

– Richard Sincere, Founder and CEO of Sincere & Co., LLC

Holly’s powerful and insightful book caused me to be “mindful” of my relationship with money, my risk tolerance, and my perception of “enough” to make better educated choices for my entire financial lifestyle.

– Terry Lubotsky, MSed, Consultant, Facilitator, Speaker, Coach & Author

How Does Your Money Flow?

A Mindful E-Guide To Common Saving, Spending, and Sharing Decisions

Planning for your financial future can seem like a drab numbers game. How Does Your Money Flow? takes readers on a journey to discover how much is really enough. Rather than dictate a “Number” everyone needs to live on, you will define for yourself what your life’s next chapter would look like. With self-assessment exercises, the book uncovers your own definitions of home, health, travel, toys, and charity. It shows how money affects relationships. With needs, wants, and wishes uniquely defined, you will feel far more prepared to make money decisions. As an excerpt from the book, The Mindful Money Mentality: How to Find Balance in Your Financial Future, How Does Your Money Flow? prepares you to embark on the next step of meeting with a financial professional, or to draft your own financial plan.

First, the book examines savings decisions, and especially the tension created between saving for children’s college and saving for retirement. Next, it discusses spending decisions in major areas of life from an understanding of where our true sources of happiness lie. Often we overestimate the money required to get us there. Finally, it looks at sharing decisions – whether to give money or lend to family and friends; how much to give to charity; and how to plan for what we leave behind.

To reinforce learning, each section comes with self-assessment questions. Knowing your needs, wants, and wishes, you can plan for what to save, spend, and share, rather than relying on what society, friends, family, or even professionals might tell you. Learn to let your money flow – in and out of your life – in ways you have proactively designed.