Does it have to be ongoing? What about special projects?

Some people are interested in short-term financial planning projects. Imagine being named the executor of an estate.  You were chosen because you are a trusted friend or relative, but suddenly you are faced with a serious fiduciary responsibility.  And the person whom you’d like to grill with questions is no longer around to tell you what they meant. This might be an example of a special financial planning project.

The fact is that settling an estate – like many other complex projects – is a good example of an instance in which you might need the services of a professional. Other examples might be:

  • a one-time comprehensive pre-retirement checkup;
  • assisting a newly-widowed spouse with understanding their new financial circumstances; or
  • providing basic investment and financial education for college-aged children.

In addition, many people prefer a fixed-fee project to hourly billing.  With a fixed price, they don’t worry about “starting the clock.” In contrast, others are accustomed to hourly billing. We can work with you in the manner that is most comfortable for you.

You may not want or need a permanent relationship – only a special project. We are happy to discuss fixed-term, fixed-fee special projects with you.