Where are you now?

First, we begin by pulling together all the financial pieces of an individual’s life – or the life of a family or small business – as they exist today (insurance, pension, savings, investments, home, business, etc.)

Where do you want to be?

With a clear picture of where you are now, the next step is to help you identify specific and measurable goals, both personal and financial.

How will you get there?

With a baseline in place and your goals established, we work with you to put together a plan that best fits your unique needs. 

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Even people who are “good with money” can have trouble making money decisions.

The Process

Each client’s situation is different and it is important to ask how much risk is appropriate? What about taxes? How close are you to retirement? These and many other factors affect the planning process, which might include:

  • Investment analysis and recommendations
  • Pension and 401(k) election decisions
  • Life and Long-Term Care insurance analysis and questions to ask your agent
  • Retirement readiness analysis
  • Specific concerns for corporate executives and business owners
  • Employee benefit package options
  • Buying a home (purchase, financing, mortgage payoff, refinancing, etc.)
  • Advanced stock options, restricted stock, nonqualified deferred compensation
  • Questions to ask your Estate Planning attorney

Every person has a unique history, circumstances, and dreams. While the process of financial planning works for everyone, no two plans are ever the same.

Bakers in a kitchen looking at a recipe

The master chef?

A simplistic but useful way to look at the approach we take to working with clients is to see our work as similar to that of a professional chef.

We work with each client to plan a “menu” that includes the elements that are right for them.

Then we may select a proven “personal shopper” to find the very best of each item on the menu. One “shopper” might select the best bonds within the parameters we’ve specified. Another might identify mutual funds that best fit our specifications.

Sounds simple. But putting together exactly the right elements for each client takes the financial equivalent of – well – Julia Child.