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Free Downloads For Pre-Retirees:

Beyond the Numbers: What’s Retirement Money For?

A 7-page guide to crafting your ideal retirement. Adapted from Holly’s book, The Mindful Money Mentality: How To Find Balance in Your Financial Future.

What’s The Value of Financial Advice? By Wade Pfau, Ph.D., CFA

How to receive value from financial advice. Published by one of the foremost researchers in financial planning, Dr. Wade Pfau of Retirement Researcher.

Free Downloads For Business Owners:

Small Business’ Guide to Business Bankers

A 5-page guide to commercial banking behind the scenes. Shows you how to choose the best banker for you.

About Our Financial Planning Process:

Stages of the Process

A listing of the general stages and steps involved in our financial planning process.

About Holly Donaldson:

Holly Donaldson Bio

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