Beyond That Cute Little Face: How to Choose the Best Pet For Your Family

Holly's Best Pet - Rescue Dog JD

When you’re face to face with an adorable animal, it’s easy to fall in love.  You’re not thinking about what it will cost to feed, train and groom that little (or large) ball of love.  Let alone what your vet bills, monthly meds and the occasional pet sitter will cost.

My colleague Kathleen Stevens of Balliett Financial Services had a great story about choosing her Newfoundland.  From start to finish, she did her homework, researching breeds, visiting dog shows and asking questions.

To drive home the importance of doing your homework, Kathleen cites a recent article in the New York Times that says that between five and seven million pets end up in shelters each year.  The responsibilities – and cost – of pet ownership are a big part of the reason.

So stay away from temptation until you’re sure you know what your long-term commitment looks like.  Kathleen can help you figure it out.

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Holly Donaldson

Holly Donaldson, CFP® runs an hourly and fee-for-service financial planning practice virtually from her Tampa Bay, Florida office. She also works with clients throughout the U.S. (except Texas) interested in retirement and tax planning advice without product sales or investment management. Holly is the author of The Mindful Money Mentality: How to Find Balance in Your Financial Future (Porchview Publishing, 2013) and publisher of the award-winning monthly e-letter, "The View From the Porch."

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  1. Ann Huebsch

    Hahahahaha! I know how carefully you researched JD! Is that a photo of him? If so, he is really thriving!

    1. Holly P. Thomas

      HI Ann, Yup, that’s him. Touche’; maybe it was a wistful moment that made me want to publicize this and tell people not to do what I did. Ha ha.

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