Kids Getting Entitled? Try Reversing Roles For An Evening

It’s normal to wonder sometimes, “Are my kids getting entitled?” Parents naturally want the best for their kids, but it can be a tough balance to provide for them while guarding against taking things (and them) for granted.

In one family, the parents decided, and the kids agreed, to use their next allowance to take the parents out to dinner and a movie. In the role reversal evening, the parents then proceeded to make choices like their kids usually did – as if there were no limits.

Click here for the rest of the story, as told by Bhaj Townsend, a Seattle, WA advisor who serves families interested in leaving a legacy:

Holly Donaldson

Holly Donaldson, CFP® has an advice-only, hourly and fee-for-service financial planning practice. She is the author of The Mindful Money Mentality: How to Find Balance in Your Financial Future (Porchview Publishing, 2013) and publisher of the award-winning monthly e-letter, "The View From the Porch." With a fully virtual practice in Seminole, Florida, Holly primarily serves clients located in the Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Clearwater areas. Holly will also work with clients who are a good fit located elsewhere in the United States except Texas.

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