Money Communication At Home

Money communication at home – or lack thereof – is the topic of today’s guest post from author and thought leader, Bhaj Townsend:

Her point reminds me of the intention that must be present for families to bring up finances as a regular conversation. It works best if it is not something to be saved up until the holidays or, worse, a crisis.

Yet, talking about money in a healthy way is not a typical life skill taught in today’s families. It must be developed by both parents and children, no matter their ages.

Bhaj’s post gives one good idea – to start having a “money night.” With a little energy, it could be made into something fun.

Read her post here:

Other Resources:

For conversations with small children through young adults, see the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s “Money as You Grow” free tools:

 For conversations between older parents and adult children, see Kathleen Burns Kingsbury’s article at PBS NewsHour:

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Holly Donaldson

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